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Welcome!  My name is Barbie Brutlag Dicks. I married my husband, Rusty, 25 years ago, and began doing genealogy research on both of our families shortly thereafter. 


The Dicks family includes paternal ancestors: Henry Dicks, John McIndoe, James Wardlaw, James Ferguson, and Jerg Schuhmacker (Shoemaker). Maternal ancestors are: Henry Werfel (Warfel), Peter Mumma, George Reese, Joseph Floriey (Flory), Matthias Wenrich, and Conrad Weiser.  These ancestors are from Ireland, Scotland, and Germany, and primarily settled in Pennsylvania.


The Brutlag family includes my paternal ancestors: Engelbert Brutlach (Brutlag),  Herman Thiesekow, Hans Scheve (Scheiwe), Heinrich Homeier, Johann Kuhlmann, and Johann Ahrens. Maternal ancestors include: Hero Mueller (Heeren), Johannes Klassen (Classen), Antonius Andreae, Serben Jansen, Michael Kietzman, John Christ Repp, Johann Tornowski, and Christopher Zabel. The majority of these ancestors are from Germany and they settled in Illinois and Minnesota.


To read the charts shown, #1 is the oldest ancestor, the 2's are his children, the 3's his grandchildren and so on for each generation. The family trees shown here provide birth, death and marriage information where I know it. If you are interested in a more detailed history (including sources) please email me. The information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge. If you find an error, please email me with the correct information and I will fix it.


Genealogy has been my passion for many years. I hope you enjoy learning about our ancestors as much as I do.